The 70 ancient book, which stood in a cave near 2000 years, has come to light. The oldest image of Jesus Christ could be on the cover of one of these books. A familiarimage; A bearded man with long curly hair… The 70 library, located in a cave overlooking the Galilee Sea, was thrilled by the Bible historians. In one of the covers of the ancient books discovered recently, there is a portrait that was claimed to belong to Jesus and was made by someone who knew him during the time the Prophet lived. The booklet, which is slightly smaller than the credit card, is sealed by four, and there is a three-dimensional human head on both the front and back cover. One of the figures is bearded and the other is no beard. It’s written in ancient Hebrew texts under the pictures, but they haven’t been fully deciphered yet. If one of the booklets is translated, it bears the name of the ‘ Savior of Israel ‘. The owner of the cave refused to sell booklets, only 2 booklets were sent to the UK and Switzerland for testing. Research revealed that the ruins found in the Sahaam region of Jordan were genuine.