This is a slightly quirky book, which I really enjoyed reading. It’s about getting over some messages about financial markets using stories. The idea of storytelling and economics is gaining ground. Robert Shiller, the Nobel Prize winner, is doing a book now about narratives. I think this is partly because economists have come to realise, in the past few years, that the way we talk to people analytically doesn’t resonate with many of them. Almost all economists said Brexit was going to be really bad for the economy and that message didn’t get through at all. It didn’t speak to people. So, for a number of reasons, I think this idea of narrative has become more salient. This is just a very nice book that uses different kinds of stories to make points to students. It started as a lecture coursea single lecture even just to make some points to students about how the financial markets operate and how people who work in them ought to behave. So it’s a somewhat moralistic book as well—about doing good finance and not bad finance….