This book, which met with Turkish readers after 95 years of publication, includes the memory of the Irish Lieutenant Colonel J. H. Patterson, who served as commander of the Zion Mule Corps (ZMC/Sion Union) in the Gallipoli operation. The memory of the Modern Israeli army in the eyes of the commander of the Union, which witnessed a period, reveals a different aspect of the Battle of Canakkale. Especially Patterson, who has made very striking determination of the horrors of the war on the Seddülbahir façade The Zionists the case of the Canakkale war, it clearly states what the actual trial of the participating Union is. ZMC, the Gallipoli front at the end of March 1915 What’s left of Alexandria The abbot of La Pergola, Commander Commander Patterson, will re-deliver the legend of the Jews, the Israelites from EgyptHe declared Moses.

After Gallipoli, Patterson ruled the Jewish troops of the British Army in Palestine. David Ben Gurion, who will be the first prime Minister of Israel in the future, in 1967? During the 6-Day war with the Arabs, Levy Eskhol, Israeli prime minister, has also served as Yitzhak Ben Zvi of Israeli presidents. Again, many Jewish soldiers in these units formed the nucleus of the paramilitary organization, which collided with the Arabs and the British Administration during the British Mandate. Patterson, who is acquainted with most of the Zionist leaders of the era, is one of the closest friends of the current Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu? The father of Cornell University history professor Ben Zion Netanyahu.