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Recipe30 … Chicken Francaise!

Tibet; Eater-Turkish Cuisine is More Than Just Döner Kebabs — Dining on a Dime

Neslin; Global Players and the İndian Car Industry … Jatinder Singh

This book is one of the first critical analyses of the automobile industry in India. It studies the sector in general and the passenger car industry in particular, and provides valuable insights into the operation of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies in a technology-intensive industry under changing economic regimes. The volume underlines the influence of the changing nature of foreign investment, the impact of economic reforms, technology regimes and industrial policy on growth, structural changes and development. It offers a detailed account of the trade performance of manufacturers in India’s passenger car industry. It also looks at successful cases to draw policy lessons towards encouraging quality FDI and developing India as a base for world production. A useful addition to industry studies in India, this book with its wide coverage and contemporary analyses will interest scholars and researchers of economics, Indian economy and industrial policy, industrial economics, automobile industry and manufacturing sector, development economics and international economics. It will also appeal to policymakers, practitioners and industrial associations.

When to start feeding your child solid foods | UNICEF

Teo; Jet Lag!

Jet lag refers to the temporary lag of the jet lag that occurs due to the time difference in the destination point on long-distance flights. The jet lag is most commonly felt during daytime flights from west to east.
Within the 24-hour period, every cell in the body works systematically and adjusts itself according to the signals it receives from the brain. Quick time changes can disrupt this scheme. Passengers who change places between time zones may have a sleep disorder called jet lag.