The Crow series was revealed by James Obarr, who wrote comics, and James Obarr began experiencing very troubled days after his fiancée Bethany was killed by a drunk driver in a tragic car accident. It gives itself to the sketch to get out of the troubled period, and then it is quite influenced by a story in the newspaper (the murder of a couple in Detroit for $20 engagement rings), and it is a good way to start a story. It decides to be a departure point, and in the year 1981, the first of the Crow works in Berlin. It takes a long time to complete his work because of his troubled life. James? Barr has chosen the characters he uses in the story his own life, identifying the real people with their characters. In fact, the names of the gang members in the film are the names of the real gang members who were taken in the Detroit wall writings. (T-Bird, tin-tin, ball dollar,, Funboy) He completed the story by placing events on the story.