He was initially greeted with amazement by his colleagues, but his predictions were extremely accurate. In his book, he offers a robust, comprehensive analysis of the crisis and responds to questions about the economy, policy and society that raises the current: Who is responsible for the crisis? Markets or government? What about the future of capitalism? What can be done in the global economic system to prevent future crises? Roubini is addressing the global economic connections from a whole new angle. It shows us the future and gives clues to how the world economy can get out of the crisis and stay out of the crisis.
“The only professional economist who can predict the crisis, and perhaps the only independent thinker in this area.” Nassim Nicholas Taleb,
“The clairvoyant who saw what was approaching.” The New York Times,
“Dr. Roubini, known as the Apocalypse, is regarded as a clairvoyant.” Financial Times
“Nouriel Roubini was right.” Paul Krugman, Time,
“Dr. Doomsday’s prescription” will change the financial markets from the foundation. ” Süddeutsche Zeitung,
“The best book ever written about the financial crisis. So a little hint: you can’t just buy it and put it on the shelf, and you need to read it. ” Ages-Anzeiger,
“It would be better if Dr. The book reads enthusiastically like a detective novel and explains almost everything about the financial crisis. ” NZZ am Sonntag,
“One of the few who predict the crisis towards the economy. The crisis economy is open, well defended, an easy-to-digest book. ” Independent