It’s not a novel, it’s a real, experienced, grisly story of the word Christianin… Christiane was 16 when he told me about the memories that created this book. At age 12, he started heroin at age 13. He‘s a junkie. He went to school in the morning, and in the afternoon he was a prostitute with his friends, who was heroin, and he won heroin money. Her mother did not realize the two years of her daughter’s life. Christiane tried to explain himself as a junkie in the age of his illness, his reactions, and his childhood teenage maiden. Today, I regret to determine that heroin is becoming a common problem in our society. But it’s a great danger to all societies. We must consider a warning that the story of Christianis not to be repeated in our vicinity. A warning that many children of the age of 13-15 are not to read the names of young men in the newspaper under the title “Overdose of heroin…”.