America has never made such great strategic mistakes at any time in its history, it has never been mistaken about a country since the first day it was founded. The famed intelligence agency of the famous superpower has not been able to predict the outcome of what they do in the Middle East and has suffered one of the greatest failures of the CIA history. Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran have not noticed the potential for developing. The organization, lacking a certain culture from the strategic planning and in this respect, could not see the climb of Islamic radicalism in the region. Steve Coll, editor of the Washington Post newspaper, said that the secret role of the CIA in Afghanistan, the secret role of the US in Afghanistan between 1979 and 2001, the secret struggle of Soviet troops against the Soviet troops, and how he disappeared in the darkness of his paths, miles away from his land. How could America not realize the birth of Laden? How did he contribute to the establishment of Al Qaeda by his own hands? How many years ago did the seeds of “war on terror” have been thrown away? How did America come to 9/11 and what does it pay for today? You will find answers to these questions in the pages of “Ghost Wars” and you will see the shadow of America in the Middle East as clear as ever.