Empathy’ is the science-fiction book which I assume that made most of the people who read it say ‘This is the best book of its kind ever written after the author’s former book-Improbable!’. People narrated in the book lead separate lives at first and thus, events take place free from each other. Then, the author connects the lives of the characters in such a way that you get shocked by how successful he is in not to make you be aware of the process. To tell the truth, you sometimes go back and look for the first incidence the interactions have taken place between them. There are some children and adults with extraordinary skills. Each of them has an incredible capacity to know in connection with their particular senses what is going on around and in people’s mind. In the course of events, among the things Empathy offers are philosophy, science, physic, psychology and even chemistry. Such characteristics of the book draw particular attention of those who are fascinated by pure science-fiction.