As well as those found in the governance mechanisms of capitalist economy and politics, intellectuals and journalists holding the corner of the written, visual and auditory media under the control of the monopolist capital, were they taken from the defeat of socialism? With confidence, they repeat as a song chorus that capitalism is the most prosperous, libertarian society possible. While trying to hide what happened and what’s happening in the eyes, they can’t fit capitalism on the ground. With the initiative of the French publishing house Le Temps Des cerises, distinguished, progressive French intellectuals, the emergence of the desired capitalism to hide under a dazzling glow, to take a dump of the most common lines of their actions to date. They attempted… The Black Book of capitalism came out of a black, disgusting painting that deserves its name. This volume book is a small balance of the history of capitalism and the crime of the present. “By leaking blood and ugly from all pores,” and the evolving capitalism will continue to strike upon humanity’s progress and commit crimes against humanity unless it is eliminated. Le livre Noir du capitalisme (The Black Book of Capitalism) is a French book published in 1998 in response to the Black Book of Communism (1997). Unlike the Black Book of Communism, Le livre Noir du capitalisme does not make a comprehensive count of the victims of the political-economic system involved. Unlike many authors, the book is composed of independent articles written about any aspect of capitalism chosen by the authors themselves. The topics covered are from African slave trade to the fiscal globalization period. In one of the supplements, the 20th of Perrault cost the capitalist system. A non-complete list of dead numbers in the century. On the list of military and civilian deaths, 1. World and 2. Around 58 million deaths in world wars and in addition to the various colony wars, anti-Communist wars and pressures, ethnic conflicts and famine victims with drought 20. It contains approximately 100 million deaths attributed to capitalism in the century.
The editor of the book is Gilles Perrault. Among those contributing to the book are historians, sociologists, economists, trade unions and writers: Caroline Andréani, François Arzalier, Roger Bordier, Maurice Buttin, François Chesnais, Maurice Cury, François Delpla, François Derivery, André Devriendt, Pierre Durand, Jean-Pierre Fléchard, Yves Frémion, Yves Grenet, Jacques Jurquet, Jean Laïlle, Maurice Moissonnier, Robert Pac, Philippe Paraire, Paco Peña, André preant, Maurice Rajsfus, Jean Surrogates-Canale, Subhi Toma, Monique and Roland Weyl , Claude Willard and Jean Ziegler