The default new economy, which is independent of the ups of the capitalist cycle, creates a staggering growth promise of 1990, while the US-signed achievements will trigger major crises in the future. Nevertheless, even today, it is not less than the number of people who interpret that period as a challenging starting circuit of a success story. With this comment, the difference is affecting our vision for today and our predictions for tomorrow. Robert Brenner, a renowned Marxist economist, meticulously viewing the turbulent last quarter century of U.S. economic history, this easy profit saves the enormous economic expansion story from the deception of the market showcase, an inconceivable failure and After the Second World War, he interprets the economy as the most problematic point. Brenner, US epic? In the process of growth shown as economic move, the game will fulfill the so-called competition rules of the Japanese and German markets, the 1997-98 Asia crisis, the central bank’s interest reductions and the stock market balloon to inflate The effort that has been spent shows the resulting domino effect. Is it a new economic expansion dated Brenner 2004, a new balloon? By including the article titled, Rapid Growth in the economy we updated and the balloon reveals the developments that led to a chain of endless turbulence, as well as to find out more about the future, which is found in important determinations. Necessary work for those who want to.