Steven Hiatt-April Publishing-economics-politics-John Perkins Foreword and 13 years of participation in the year 2008… Dollar is starting to lose value, and that’s the fall. The barrel price of oil, the largest import item in the U.S., is up to $200. ‘ The biggest financial crisis erupted after the Great Depression; Investment banks are starting to sink, big corporations are falling apart. The most popular question of the agenda: is capitalism collapsing? Russia, China, India, Europe and Latin America are more serious threats to the United States ‘ single superpower position with different positions, bringing other questions to the mind. How it has been planned to transform the third world countries into modern time colonies in line with a system, supporting the Russian Revolution at the beginning of the previous century, with mechanisms such as the IMF/World Bank, CIA/CFR, to the finest detail. Couldn’t see the crisis coming?
The book you hold in your hand explains the weight of the mileage ¬ tre on the road extending to the last point: The battle in the Congo knows who it actually serves, we can use a cheap cell phone and a laptop so that four million people ?
What was celebrated when Bono and Bob Geldof, like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney, showed up on the same stage with Paul Wolfowitz and Tony Blair and with happy face expressions?
Did you know that the United States could not deliver Iraqi oil to the multinationwith funny prices this time, because there were serious obstacles in front of them?
Where did the World Bank’s 100 billion dollars disappear?
What does it mean to export destruction?
You’ll read all this, and more, from the pencil of the thirteen limbs that have been involved in the subject itself. Once again, you will see the evidence that the system of the spear-end economic shooters is costing the poor peoples of the world.