Chaos has its own order, and in every order it is reserved. Or let’s just say, It creates irregular irregularities and the disorder has a pattern. How about this? Chaos is a major disorder with a mathematical theory; It’s surprising and controversial. According to Lorenz, Chaos creates hurricanes miles away, with a butterfly flapping. According to Greek mythology, first of all, there is only “O”. If you ask Ovidius, it is the nature of the universe. According to Nietzsche, “there must be chaos in the man to give birth to a dancing star”. Come out and get out of the business! What is this chaos? The irregularity in the order or the arrangement in the disorder? Poetic anarchy or physical reality?

To understand chaos, first of all, you have to understand his theory. The chaos that Ziaudin Sardar wrote, illustrated by Iwona Abrams, explains how it feels to exist in many cases, from changes in animal populations to the stock market landings. He explores the roots of chaos in Modern Mathematics and physics, the links between chaos and complexity, and says that all complex systems derive from simple rules.