This organization is organized by the American Government. The aim is; the students from different countries of the world who apply to this organization will be able to earn money by studying during the summer holidays, discover different places and learn languages ​​as well. Work and Travel (WAT) is a program that you can act as if you are a citizen of that country, not a stranger. Namely; you will be working and making money where you go, there are no restrictions imposed on you
Who Can Attend Work And Travel?
All students are allowed to participate in this organization. At the embassies, you are subject to a specific test for transactions. Anyone who is a legal criminal or who is a student other than those who have such a punishment can benefit from this program. If you have to make a certain amount of money for it, you are already earning this money by working there.
What are the criteria sought?
The academic average should not be lower than 2. There are not some exceptional cases in this matter, but I will talk about that later on. Your language level is not important, so you are not being held to a test for it. We can say that the 18 and 26 age restriction is the only requirement and besides, as I have just mentioned, it is necessary not to have a legal crime or such a punishment.