As an economic trigger, we aim to establish the global empire. We are an elite group that uses international financial institutions to make other countries a slave to the institutional structure that I call my company, our government, our banks, in short.
As well as the good deeds of the Mafia, the economic triggers are apparently doing some favors. For example, they provide debt for infrastructure services such as power plants, highways, ports, airports, Technopark. The prerequisite of these debts is the realization of all these projects by the American construction and engineering firms. In fact, most of the money never leaves America; Only from banks in Washington, New York, Houston or San Francisco.
We are cunning shooters of the economy. We’ve learned from history. We don’t carry swords, we don’t wear armor-uniforms. In countries like Ecuador, Nigeria, Indonesia, we dress as native teachers or craftsmen. Washington and Paris are like bureaucrats and bankers. We wander through the projects, roam the poor villages. We’re talking about how good we do in the local press. It’s rare that we have to do something illegal. Because the system is based on deception, it is legal as a definition.
If we fail, the Jackals enter (intelligence NSA and CLA elements). The Jackals are ready and waiting. When they emerge, the heads of state are overthrown or disastrous? They die in the accident. If the Coyotes can’t do it in some way, like Afghanistan and Iraq, the young Americans will be sent to die and kill.
The purpose of our worldwide embassies is to serve our own interests, which means that the second half of the 20th century is to transform the American republic into a Global empire. The debts we give to poor countries under the cover of foreign assistance lead to the hostage of today’s children and their grandchildren. They will have to waive services such as education, health, to allow our companies to pillage their resources and pay their debts to us. What kind of world would the world be if America had spent all the money he spends in colonial wars like Vietnam, to remove hunger from the world, to access education and basic health care, to protect the forests and wetlands? For half a century, Panama was ruled by wealthy families who were in strong bonds with Washington. These were right-wing dictators who served to protect American interests. In the terrible poverty of the public, they did not care about the great plantation and the survival of corporations in their slaves. The last dictator Arias Omar Torrijos was the head of state to download with a coup.  In the period of Torrijos, Panama did not have a puppet in Washington or elsewhere for the first time. Moscow or Beithe drive is not covered. Torrijos believed in social reform and helping the poor, but also against communism.
President Carter then came up with a lot of effort to get the Reagan government back on the channel. But Torrijos resisted. On 31 July 1981 he died in a plane crash. Once again, the Latin American press threw the CLA assassination headlines. The death of the 52-year-old Torrijosun had added a new one to the assassination index of the Cianin.  If Torrijos had lived, he would have found a cure for increasing violence in central and South American countries. He’s not going to let oil companies ruin the Amazon basin, but the Washington was called a terrorist and drug war, but in fact, desperate people would create solutions that would alleviate the attempts to protect their homes and their families.  Most importantly, South America would be an example to the leaders of Africa and Asia. Of course, the CLA, the NSA and the meat would not allow it.
Saudi Arabia
US News & World Report, at the end of 2003? The Saudi Connection? He wrote the following in the research.  The evidence was controversial, the ancient friend of America, and the world’s largest oil producer Saudi Arabia, became the center of terrorist Financing. ” In his report, which was dated October 2003, the Vanity Fair magazine de Suudileri saved the Bush family, the Suud dynasty, and the bin Laden family, which had been a close relationship for over 20 years. George H.W. Bush was the major embassy in the United Nations between 71-73 and the CLA Presidency at 1976-77. I mean, right in the period when relations with Saudi Arabia were.  Just after September 11th, the wealthy Saudis, including the Bin Laden family, were sent to private planes and shipped from the U.S. Why the flights were allowed, the passengers were never questioned.
  Iranian Falcon
My translator at the moment introduced me to a philosophy doctor, who I don’t want to name, and say Doc. Doc told me the following: The man who gave himself the King’s moniker is a true demon; He’s acting worse than Hitler. And with the full knowledge and support of your government. The King is your only true ally in the Middle East. Of course, you have Israel, but Israeli doesn’t support you, it’s a hindrance.No oil. Your politicians have to go back to Israel to get Jewish money for Jewish votes and election campaigns just in the U.S. The shah is more important to you. But the king’s not too far overdue. Everybody hates him. There is a tremendous religious movement among the people, except for some wealthy who have benefited from the Shah capitalism. If you have any minds, your company will stay away from our country. We warn you: if you think you’ll make a lot of money here, you’re wrong. The king will go, and you won’t get your money. Moreover, the king’s collapse will be an indication of the course of the Muslim world. We’ve kept our anger under duress for too long, soon to explode.
The system was running smoothly: countries are heavily burdened by corporations such as the World Bank, IFC, for large investments they often don’t need, such investments are being carried out by major American contractors, the country’s debts The IMF and meat are engaged in the payment, and if they do not succeed, they will have their hands on the Coyotes (CIA), and eventually the soldiers came with their guns. Whether it’s shoes or construction, all the leading international companies had their own meats. Dressed in suits, these respectable-looking people traveled from one continent to the other in New York, Tokyo or London, to convince the corrupt politicians/bureaucrats to bring their country into the yoke of the company.  The employees of the American companies that manufacture in various countries thought they were doing a job for those peoples; In fact, they were burying them more than some kind of slavery that reminded them of the medieval feudal order. Moreover, these modern serfs and slaves were thankful for their situation, looking at worse.
I’ve been thinking about all this stuff and my own cruel role. When I was doing my job well, I didn’t see the big picture, I didn’t realize the real consequences of my actions. The sight of a soldier was coming in front of me: The soldier is initially pure. It can question the moral dimension of killing others, but the main effort is to suppress itself and focus on survival. After he kills his first enemy, he’s crushed underneath what he feels. He might be worried about the deceased’s family and regret it.  But as time goes on, and more people fight and kill more, it solidifies. Now he’s turned into a professional soldier.
I turned into a professional soldier. Admitting it made me understand the process of committing crimes and establishing an empire. I could now understand why the Iranians who are fond of his family are the cruel secret police of the king, how the Germans obey the Hitler’s orders, how good American women and men can bomb the city of Panama.
For 10 years, I was a slave trader who caught people from the African forests and clogged up the waiting ships. Attractive possibilities such as the high wages, insurance, shares that paid me made me a slave to the system as well. The longer I stayed in the system, the longer it would take me to leave. 1 April 1980 I entered the Chairman’s office and gave my resignation.
Reagan and the Bush governments were determined to simulate Saudi Arabia in Iraq.  They were convinced Saddam was going to the Suudilerin road. Either way, the Saudis are taking advantage of the world’s most advanced technologies, and they are being treated in international law. His friends in Washington, the financing of terrorist fanatic groups, was a consideration for the protection of fugitives. In fact, in the war in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia had specifically demanded America to support Osama Bin laden.  1980 the number of economic triggers in the Bagdatta had no account. We believed that Saddam would soon see the light and make a deal like the Washington Saudis. It would be a sample country in the region. Saddam was a pathological dictator, a villain who had his hands on the blood of the masses, a copy of Hitler was hardly important. America has seen and even looked after so many of these people. In response to Iraq’s uninterrupted oil supply and petrodollars, the United States would build infrastructure for its engineering companies, and the deserts would be revealed. We prepared them to sell tanks and fighter planes, to establish chemical factories and nuclear power plants (as we did in many countries); We didn’t care that these technologies could be used in the future of weapons production. But by the end of the 1980, Saddam had no intention of implementing the economic shooter scenario. In this case, the father was a great disappointment, a source of embarrassment and weakness for the Bush government. When Bush was looking for a cure, Saddam was Kuwaiti in 1990, and Bush rescued him from the dead. Bush accused Saddam of international law and launched Iraqi military action. However, a year ago, he occupied the panamai unilaterally and illegally. When the Gulf War was over, Bush? The popularity of the American people was 90%, but a real despot like Saddam was still standing.  Iraq, contrary to widespread belief, was not about oil; Water and geopolitical significance. The Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, Iraq, the rule of the Middle East, which is known to be the key to the truth. But by the end of the 1980, Saddam had no intention of implementing the economic shooter scenario. In this case, the father was a great disappointment, a source of embarrassment and weakness for the Bush government. While Bush was looking for a cure, Saddam 1990 rescued Kuwait from a stalemate. Bush accused Saddam of international law and launched Iraqi military action. Yet a year ago, he occupied Panama in a single-sided and illegal manner. When the Gulf War was over, Bush was 90% in popularity in the American public, but a real despot like Saddam was still standing.
On the 11th of September, Ekuador was among the indigenous tribes. Then when I went to visit the gap of the Twin Towers (Ground zero), I thought. My country would attempt revenge, but those who hated our efforts to build our company, our army, our policies and the global empire would have hated us all.  In the year 2003, the United States has invaded Iraq for the second time in a decade. The economic shooters and the Coyotes failed, and the army came. Young men and women were sent to die in the desert sands. Some of them were asking: Why did Bush attack Iraq with all the possibilities of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan?  Would it be more important to answer that than to control the oil resources and gain from construction jobs than to fight terrorists? What consequences can America have in the Iraki invasion? One of them is the OPEC to reveal its weight again. When America is under the control of Iraq, other oil-rich countries may not hesitate to cut oil production and/or raise its price. This was the company’s own, even the first global empire of history. The New York Times, dated April 18, 2003, there was a news: the Bush government Bechtel gave the first tender in structuring Iraq. What brought the World Bank and the IMF into the re-shaping of the country as well as the Iraqi ruins? Our own soldiers, right? When I read the news, I couldn’t stop thinking: If Saddam had played America’s hands like Saudis, he’d still be in the first place. They’re going to have missiles, chemical factories, and we were supposed to build them up and take care of the modernization and maintenance of our men. Here, even sweeter business news from the Saudi market, Halliburton, which will play a role in the structuring of Iraq, is ranked other American companies such as KCR, and the executives of these companies have been telling their relationship with the American government for years, but He did not say: The story that appeared in Iraq 2003 is the continuation of an old story that is actually embarrassing. As old as the Empire, this story has reached terrifying proportions as well as its size and method. Giant engineering and construction firms use their government’s influence to simulate the people who never really want to resemble us.
For years we’ve always convinced ourselves: economic growth is beneficial for all mankind. As growth increases, the benefits increase. Then the people who fueled the fever of economic growth should be glorified and rewarded, even at the expense of the abuse of the shores of life. With this belief, we have seen every kind of piracy. We’ve raped, plundered, slaughtered innocent people everywhere. Thanks to the so-called science, which can be taken to the desired side, such as forecasting, econometrics and statistics, we have been able to bombard and rebuild a city first, and then build tremendous growth in the economy.
The real story is, we all live a lie. The varnish we drive hides the deadly cancers beneath the surface. The world’s strongest and richest country is a horrible proportions of suicide, drug use, divorce, rape and murder scene. Like cancer, these ratios are rising every year.
In the investigation, the issue is not only in the United States. Globally, like the name of the Imperial Empire, has exceeded any boundaries. Companies formerly known as American companies have been in real and legal terms internationally. They elect themselves to operate in many countries according to what rules and regulations they are doing. Trade agreements and organisations that encourage globalization make this situation even easier.
The words of democracy, socialism and capitalism lose their meaning. The company has become the most effective factor on world economy and politics.  The system we built is out of the way. In underdeveloped countries, our manufacturing companies are running workers in almost-inhuman conditions, and our oil companies are deliberately slaughtering people, animals and plants by freeing poisons into the seas and streams, pharmaceutical The industry leaves millions of Africans carrying AIDS virus deprived of life-saving medicines. Even in our own American, twelve million families weren’t sure if they’d eat the next meal. Our energy sector is an Enron, our accounting sector has created a Andersen. While America spends $87 billion to sustain the Iraqi war, the United Nations has calculated that it can provide clean water, adequate food, health care and basic training to anyone living on our planet, less than half of that money.
And we’re wondering why the terrorists attacked us.  History proves to us that if we don’t do something to change this situation, the world’s first true global empire will inevitably end in a sad way. Empires can never be permanent. Each one of them has been wiped out in a terrible way. When they say more domination, they have destroyed many cultures, and eventually they have disappeared. No country or group of countries can live long term by exploiting others.  Amazon Indians as the Shuars told me in 1990, the world is as you imagined. We can get rid of the environment of polluting industries, clogged roads and overcrowded cities, and sail on to new dreams that include respect for the earth, the principles of sustainability and equality, the awareness of social responsibility. We have to change ourselves and the paradigm.