The shogi is usually more difficult than the chess game people know, but it’s still played on a board. It is a game for 2 people, the most important feature separating from other chess is that you have the right to utilize the opponent’s stones, so you are hitting the opponent with its own stone. 9 × 9 = 81 is played on a square board. The stones are the same color and the same size is 20, the shapes are different and it helps you distinguish the stones to be in different directions. That’s not the only difference, of course, using different parts of the brain, they say the game is played and the Master players can now move to many of the brain.Your brain in a Japanese chess game ectangular Lopchuk With the part called Caudat nucleus It is used in the part called the Japanese, the hidden parts of the brain, thanks to this game, the master of the game, they say access.