What are the facts about the Barnabas Bible that will lower the Christian world?

The Barnabas Bible was found in a cave in Uludere district of Sirnak by villagers in 1981 years. And then, the Babat Aşireti was in possession. The first two were taken to the philologist Hamza Hocagil. Hamzagil, who translated the first part of the book, remained in awe.
The pages were written in the language of the Prophet Jesus: “I, the Cypriot Barnabius… As a whole, from the Lord of the Worthy realms, I write exactly as a fourth copy, at the end of the 48 celestial years, faithfully, as you heard from Jesus, the revelation of the spirit of the faithful to the Holy realm of Jerusalem. ” It was the true gospel that was written by St. Barnabas, a clerk of the revelation of Jesus Christ, and has been missing for two millennia. The most important is the whereabouts of the other three copies of the authentic Bible, and the future of Prophet Muhammad and Islam were heralded: “A prophet will come, and those who are subject to him shall be like Fuller Virgo!”
There was a development that would lower all the teachings of the Christian world! Then there were some things that were going to rock the Hollywood movies. The Bible, full, was to be translated, and the Gendarmerie’s hands. From there he went to the general staff. So where is this Bible now? Rivayets are miscellaneous, but the answer to this question cannot be given exactly.
Barnabas was originally a Cypriot and born from a Jewish family. His real name is Joseph (Yusuf) tour. Barnaba is a means of solace to him in the sense of consolation son. The Bible, written by Barnabas, is the only known Bible in which Jesus was a shakir, a person who spent most of his time in a three-year period, which he had spread his message to, and has come to date. Contrary to the authors of the four accepted Gospels, he had a direct contact with Jesus and was one who took his teachings directly from Jesus. The Gospel of the Barnaba and Tevhid (the unity of Allah) is observed to be effective in the churches of Alexandria and the Antakya region for centuries until MS. 325. It is understood from the writings of the Iraneus (MS. 130-200) that this Bible has been seized firsthand in the first and second centuries after the birth of Jesus Christ. Anieus, who opposed the pagan Roman religion and the philosophy of the Eflâtun into the teachings of Jesus, made excerpts from the Barnabas Bible to support his own ideas against Flat’s Valentinyanas. 
The Bible of Barnabas (evangelium nom barnabae/the Gospel in the name of Barnabas) (M. S in 496 was declared contrary to the book of Decretum Gelasianum, published by Pope I. Glasius.