From now on, there is a new term for EU law: the right to oblivion. The European Commission wants those who enter their personal information on sites such as Facebook to be sure that all of this information is erased in the future if they want. People who put their photos on the internet, or write their opinions about others, can live up to the fear that such information could undermine their reputation in the future. For example, many businesses are now trying to collect information from sites like Facebook when searching for new employees.

 Opinions about the person will not be deleted;  The European Commission argues that computer users have the right to request the permanent deletion of the information they have put. However, a person does not have the right to request the deletion of information from the Internet that gives critical opinions about himself in the blog or newspaper articles.  Viviane Reding, a member of the Commission’s Legal Affairs, said that the offer they want to live will increase confidence in the Internet and contribute to the digital market. The European Commission also wants the site operators to notify their customers within 24 hours if hackers manage to access a user’s account.