It‘s too deep to describe words. New York Times
“You’ll be addicted.”-Booklist
Mesmerizing... It’s so extraordinary you can’t leave it. “-Lee Child-
“I haven’t read such a fascinating long time. Trauma is a brave, realistic, tortuous-free novel that won’t disappoint. “-Michael Connelly
“He draws a man.” San Francisco Book Review
Mike Smith; He‘s a lock artist. Combinations can open any safe, padlock or locked door without passwords or keys. He spends his time writing his story because it’s the only way he can share the whole thing. To write. He never spoke for ten years. Since the tragic day he was known as “The Miracle Boy.” Not a single word.
Mike is one of those mysterious people that you can’t keep yourself from backing up… A struggling soul, a silent genius, who depicted his love with pictures, turned from the edge of the cliff.