Sixteen-year-old Starr Carter lived between the two worlds: the poor neighborhood where he lived with his family and studied suburban high. When his closest childhood friend Khalil was shot by a policeman, the delicate balance between the two worlds began to deteriorate, because Khalil did not pose any threat. Soon, Khalil’s death was the headline. Some people call him a gangster, and some of them even depict him as a drug dealer gang member. Starr’s best friend at school even thought Khalil might have deserved it. When the police were not very interested in this incident, the protests were poured into the streets and Starr’s neighborhood transformed into a battlefield. There was one thing everyone wanted to know: What happened that night? Starr was the only one who could answer that. But he could have risked his own life in this war that Starr had to say or what he couldn’t say to justice. This is the first novel about Angie Thomas, an ordinary girl finding herself in an unusual state, racism and police brutality; He’s smart, courageous, and he’s talking about an honest, non-return.
“Stay quiet! A stunning first novel. ” – The Guardian-
“This first novel of Thomas is questioning the bonds, the ethics, the sense of justice and the morality of society. This story, brought to life by Starr’s voice, examines the layers of the two colliding worlds. It’s an indisputable book and it needs a large readership. ” Booklist, starred review-
“Stay quiet! A masterpiece. ” The Huffington Post