Immediately following the economic crisis starting in 2008, the International Monetary system expert convened a work Commission consisting of twenty renowned economists, led by the President of the United Nations General Assembly. The Commission, which was chaired by Nobel laureate economist Joseph E. Stiglitz, examined the crisis and the impact of the crisis on development.
The Commission published a document called the Stiglitz report in late 2009. This report has seen the financial crisis, a series of closely connected crises – food, water, energy and sustainable development crises–the latest and most damaging ring. The report includes comprehensive and targeted proposals and assessments ranging from short-term measures to deep structural changes, response to crises, and radical reforms globally across economic and financial structures. This report offers important solution proposals for the creation of both national and international economic policies and the coordination of national policies at an international level. We believe that this book, which is a source of application for economists who want to understand the economic crisis, should read that everyone desires a world of safe and prosperous.
Praise for Joseph E. Stihlitz:
“He is the only expert who has been justified in all his theses about the financial crisis.” Newsweek
“One of the most important economists of Modern times.” Nicolas Stern, World Bank chief economist and Vice President
“While the view of the world economy goes bad, economists like Professor Stiglitz need to announce their voices more.” The Guardian