For friends in Turkey; You can visit the henesturkiye.com siteThe advancing technology continues to amaze us every day. Specially designed for children, this Android and electric sports car will even make adults jealous. The F8 series of super cars that Broon has made exclusively for children has become a model that does not search top segment cars with its technical features and appearance. This electrically operated model comes with an optional 7inch Android tablet. With this tablet you can learn the speed of the car and play the music you want by controlling the sound system in the car. The car, which can also be controlled by remote control, also has a suspension in every tyre. In this way, the car promises a comfortable use even in harsh conditions. The car, which has 3 different driving modes, can be used quickly or slowly. The car can also automatically switch to climbing mode, which detects inclined roads and prevents skiing. For children, this car is of course the most important thing is security. Broon has 6 sensors that can automatically stop itself when any problems are detected.