Harper Lee, through his lean but striking language, is still the current themes of justice, freedom, equality and discrimination, with the story of the Scout’s magic, and takes the good and the evil both individually and socially. The events of a “Negro” being falsely accused; Prejudices are transformed into a universal story that has crossed the boundaries of the small American town, which feeds on hypocrisy, class and race conflicts, describing the importance of justice and honesty in the inter-human relationship.
There are people who spend all their time thinking about the other world. Then they can’t learn to live in this world. It’s impossible to understand a person unless you are accustomed to thinking about it. They have a right to think what everyone wants and believe what they think is true.
Sometimes it’s not an insult to be summoned by an adjective that someone is considered bad. It just shows us how weak and pathetic we are. We all know that people don’t have equal rights. Or rather, we know that some of them are not equal in the way they try to convince us. Some are smarter than others, and some have more opportunities in their hands!
There are some people in this world, they are created to do things that aren’t going to be nice. If there’s some kind of person, why can’t they get along? If they all look alike, why do they strive to break each other? It’s Like killing a Mockingbird, isn’t it?  There’s no way we could have known that guy after I put on a man’s shoes and wandered off with him for a while. All people are good when you know them closely. You can shoot as much as you want, but it is a sin to Kill a Mockingbird, never forget it.