Sometimes the dictatorship comes with a coup, and sometimes it emerges from the democratic elections, with the promises of social peace, and like a cancer, it sneaks into the society. The author, who likened the societies to the dictatorship and democracy in a nonstop way, draws attention to the departure of the conditions that the dictatorship of democracy can change at any time. According to Moghaddam, a society that was oppressed by the dictator’s sledgehammer could be a democracy, or vice versa, a democratic society could fall into a dictatorship network at any moment. Well, why is it that human beings who are eager to become dictators are gathered around a dictator, and they let them suffer without caring for their own citizens.  What mood lies in the psychological foundations of the dictatorship. Most importantly, how to overthrow dictatorships and what is expected to happen after the dictatorship collapses.