There is absolutely no physical attack in the mobbing action. This action is an act made entirely emotionally. It is an act of mobbing the person by making rationalized discourses and movements against the individual. This action is a deliberate action to exclude the person from the workplace. The employer wants to psychologically attack the employee and leave him from his work life. It was understood that psychological violence was mostly made in non-profit-making institutions, in the healthcare sector and in schools. In such actions, it is one of the biggest factors that the employee is worthless by the employer. Psychological pressure is being applied legitimately by introducing reasons such as discipline to increase productivity in work places.
Psychological violence is a serious problem nowadays. In most countries of the world, this problem appears. In the survey on 9000 public workers in America, it has been found out that male workers are exposed to 15% and female workers are exposed to 24% of spicy risks. It is said that 15% of suicides in Sweden are originating from mobbing.
General Characteristics of Mobbing Exposed People
* These people do their work ideally and perfectly.
* These people have a very good connection with the environment
* These people are very popular characters in the environment.
* The concepts of honesty and trust have become quite established in these people.
* These individuals can make their own decisions independently and have the characteristics of producing them.
*As can be understood from these features, mobbing is applied to highly talented and popular people. There is a state of irrepressibility here.
 Common Features of Mobbing Applicants
* These people are forced to accept the rules of grouping people.
* These people like hostility.
* Tiredness, these people are a motive to this behavi