Think of a city; a city that provides all its energy from renewable energy sources, zero carbon emissions and uses its energy most efficiently. Most of the used water, the produced garbage is recycled, and people live a life in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Actually, there is such a city, and the name is Masdar.
Masdar, the most sustainable city on earth, a city and a koskoca laboratory. Abu Dhabi was built 17 km from the city in 2006, and the city was built by the Mubadala Company of the United Arab Emirates (Mubadala Development Company). From here you will understand that Masdar is an ongoing project. The first six buildings have been completed and the use has been turned on. These buildings include a university called the Masdar Institute, which focuses on alternative energy sources, sustainability and the environment. Masdar city will be invested an average of 20 billion dollars; It will be built on an area of ​​6 square kilometers and will become the living space of 40 thousand people when completed. It is expected that the city of Masdar will host 60 thousand people every day in addition to these 40 thousand people. The year of completion of the project was thought to be 2016; due to financial problems, this date was settled in 2025. This change of history will not change much because it is a process-oriented project, not a tangible result. Because unless the project is stopped, the people there will try, learn and discover new things. The reason why I call Kasdar koskoca as a laboratory; to host a different system or project at every corner of this city. One of them is Beam Down Project, whose wife is not in the world. At the same time, Masdar has a Personal Rapid Transit system that allows the driver to travel without drivers, the Wind Towers with natural air conditioning by capturing the wind and bringing it to ground level without spending any energy, and the sun fields in a total of 10MW in the Middle East. Beam Down Project Designed to harvest solar energy in a different way than classical roads. With the help of the mirrors, there was already a system that used to collect the sunlight at one point and turn the energy turbine at that point. But there are also major disadvantages to this system. First you need a long tower, and as the amount of energy you want to acquire increases, the length of your yacht must also increase.