If the game is to be looked at, a history of 4000 years is emerging. And this game is the world’s oldest intelligence and strategy game. Go game, 4000 years ago in China? The Chinese emperor Shun, who lived at that time, is said to have brought this game to improve the intelligence of his son. The Go game, which is very rooted in historical terms, is known in Europe and America, but in Turkey, this game is known and played by very few people. This strategy game, which is based on the past, is played with 2 people. The required materials for the game are a board, 180 pieces of white and 181 black stones. These stones are placed on a 19 × 19-size board by players.

Go stones are placed on the board where the game will be played. These stones are equivalent and still feature-free. The game determines the strategic position between these stones. In the game, there is no return feature from the move. This makes it very important to make mistakes in the game. The aim of the game is to collide the stones. So the board where the game is played can be considered a battlefield. The stones represent the soldiers.